Semi-Permanent Hairline Tattoo

Are you self-conscious about your uneven hairline?

The hairline tattoo procedure can create the hairline you’ve always wanted. Individual hair strokes, intricately woven amongst your own to mimic real head hairs with a soft mist of colour, are shaded through the hair line, creating a softly defined line by combining the use of individual hair strokes.

A crisp border is drawn to define and add contour and shape to the hair line, and completed with a full colour to match your own hair colour(s).


We will spend time drawing and discussing style, shape and colour prior to commencing colour application. We will always offer her professional opinion when it comes to your shape and colour, but ultimately it is most important that you are happy with your look.

The most natural look is the most popular preference, but it really is a case of what is right for you, your appearance and lifestyle.

Colour can look far to bright and incorrect on the day of your treatment. This is normal and will settle over the following days. We then review the outcome in your followup treatment 4 – 6 weeks later.

We will see you for two visits, 4 – 6 weeks apart. After the first visit, the colour needs a settling time in the skin and this also gives us the opportunity to error on the side of caution. In most cases, we’ll tread conservatively during the first visit and then we’re able to make any minor adjustments to colour and shape at your second visit, allowing you to become accustomed to the colour and shape. Most people feel that it is always more preferable to add more at a later date than over compensate initially.

After care and retouches

Immediately after the treatment, your hairline will be slightly swollen and tender and colour will appear much darker than the one chosen during the consultation.

Apply Bepanthem cream constantly to keep the tattooed area moist. The cream will help with soreness as well as holding the colour in. If you do not apply enough cream the hairline begin to tighten and pigmentation will come out.

Please do not touch and avoid the water for 48 hours after procedure.